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How to Find Quality Translation Services

french translation servicesLet us first look at this question: why call on a professional translation provider? Mainly to ensure that the English to French translation is carried out by qualified translators who are able to do quality work. In the best-case scenario, a poor translation will make a knowledgeable reader smile. In the worst case scenario, it will make you lose your credibility, cost you a business opportunity or even have legal consequences.

Professional translators have many years of experience and are specialized in the fields in which they are employed. Freelance providers offer that sort of specificity.

In addition, an experience language service provider is, in most cases, capable of handling different file formats. This is particularly interesting, for example, for e-commerce websites, where data is stored in databases of various formats. The ability to easily integrate translations into a multilingual website is a major advantage in this case.

Translation Quality

The following tips will help you get quality translations at the right price:

Make sure the provider has experience in your field. A translation test based on a representative sample from your products and/or services will enable you to form an opinion quickly. Most translation providers will be happy to do this test.

Ask for an estimate for a typical project. Consider asking if the advertised price includes only a translation service or a first draft with proofreading by a second translator. Since the translation is carried out by a human linguist, errors can escape their attention despite the translation tools available to them. That’s why proofreading by a second qualified professional is an important step in terms of final quality. Ask for an official quote. Some freelance providers do not always meet their commitments.

Contact a certified translator. The EN 15038 and ISO 17100 standards ensure that all texts are translated and edited by two proofreaders. They also impose strict requirements on translation companies for the recruitment of translators, in particular as regards training and experience. A guarantee of quality to evaluate potential service providers!

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