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Relieve Aches & Pains With A TENS Device

best tens unitTranscutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) has been quite a bit of popularity over the years when it comes to treating bodily aches and pains. A TENS unit is a device that utilizes electrical currents in order to provide a therapeutic experience for the user. The electrical currents will send a pulsing sensation towards the bodies nerves which results in healing and overall tissue repair. Many of TENS devices in the market today are boxed base units with a wiring and electrodes attached. The base device is often times powered with standard batteries although some of the higher end units come with a dedicated rechargeable kit. The electric nodes attached on the TENS unit will be wrapped in a thin plastic sheet which looks to keep the adhesive material intact.

When it comes to using a TENS device, the electrical nodes are placed over the skin on the area that needs treating. It’s important to avoid placing the nodes anywhere near the heart area as the electrical currents can alter your hearts natural beating rhythm. The device is then powered where the user will then select how high or how low the electrical frequency will be. The frequency can be viewed as the intensity of the electrical currents transmitted through the electrodes.

TENS devices are becoming more common day items when it comes therapeutic healing. Massage therapists, chiropractors and physio therapists are professions that heavily uses Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation when it comes to healing damaged tissue. The TENS unit is commonly used after rehab based exercises in order to promote healing in the ailing body part. The electrical current will promote increased blood flow which in turn helps in the process of healing. It’s important to do research when deciding what the best tens unit for yourself will be. Be sure to research specifications, manufacturer history, and consumers reviews before purchasing your TENS unit.

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